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Fashion is about dressing according to what's fashionable. Style is more about being yourself.
-Oscar de la Renta
Roxy Carmichael is the best place if you are looking for a unique collection of women's apparel, accessories, and gifts.  


The store was opened by sisters, Debbie Aiello and Katherine Mitchell in 2007.   It was their dream to open a boutique where they could not only offer great clothing and accessories but a place where women could come shop, be inspired to be themselves and find their own unique style.  This past year Deb and Kat had decided it was time for them to move on from owning the boutique as Deb is about ready to retire and enjoy life and Kat has been wanting to move closer to her family.   Luckily, for you, Roxy Carmichael will continue on with a new owner.

Christine LaMantia, a Rockford native and East High School graduate, bought the 11-year-old business, known for its upscale, affordable clothing, accessories and gifts.  LaMantia has done a little remodeling to give Roxy a new look but plans to keep that same great feel and welcoming atmosphere.  She bought the business because she wanted to do something similar and respected Roxy Carmichael’s past successes. Previous owners Kat Mitchell and Deb Aiello will advise her along the way to make sure Roxy Carmichael continues to be not only a fun place to shop but a great place that inspires woman.   


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